Best Ways to Treat Dry Scalp in Baby Hair

Treating the dry yellow or brown spot on baby’s head can seem like a problem. Suddenly, it pops up one day while you take the baby a shower. You look deeper into the baby scalp and wonder what is going on. Assuming the worst and predicting a outrageous medical bill. Dry scalp on baby is nothing that will cause a huge fuss. A simple skin reaction to an abundance of sebum. Sebum is a oily substance that the body produces. When it gets too high in oil amount, a little dandruff spot appears. This situation is not a big medical problem. In fact, the little dry scalp tends to go away on its own. View the content below if you would like to know more.

Apply Vegetable Oil to Make Dry Scalp Go Away Faster

Not the type to wait 2 or more weeks for dry scalp to disappear, then I suggest you apply some oil to the baby head. Preferably, apply some vegetable oil to the baby head. Do this with your finger and do it lightly. Do not do it in a rough motion. Baby’s skin is sensitive and dandruff stuck in might be willing to expand. That is not the way to do it. To add more, you should not do it fast. Take your time with it and rub finger soft on baby skin. Rubbing too fast might make it go away for today. But, what if it comes back? Scratching it too rough only makes it come back more and bigger. Apply a descent amount of pressure and you should be fine when adding vegetable oil.

Wash Baby Hair With Mild Shampoo

Providing your baby with mild best baby shampoo for dry scalp. Must be mild shampoo and not high shampoo. High baby shampoo has high amounts of oil. Remember, too much oil causes dandruff to appear on baby head. That is something you don’t want. Shampoo also needs to be made for babies. Don’t go being cheap and only wash baby head with adult shampoo. Hair could irritate more and cause dandruff to spread.

More, babies need their hair wash 3 times a week. Keep it at 3 times a week. Their hair is not like adult hair. It is very fragile and absorbs more soap then expected. Was the hair once every 3 days to stabilize the hair and make sure oil levels are not too high. If oil levels are too high, the dandruff will start up again. Very important that you follow this tip.

Wash Baby Only Once a Day

Once a day, is how many times you should wash the baby’s skin. Including, the best baby shampoo for dry scalp you decide to use. Babies have skin that can dry out fast. When that occurs, the baby’s sebaceous glands absorb in more oil. This might be what is causing your dandruff in the first place. Ignore your reasons for washing the baby twice a day and wash them only once a day. You don’t want the dandruff on head to get bad. Reduce the dandruff levels by making the baby’s skin balance itself.

Put a Humidifier Near Baby’s Body

Not interested in previous ways, maybe you should try the new humidifier device for baby. This device acts as a heat wind moisturizer. How it works is really scientific. In short, they manipulate the wind to produce a wind temperature for a baby. Helps the baby stay warm or stay cold. Some babies might need hot air to help them in winter. Additionally, the humidifier helps air around baby stay cleaner. It filters the air coming form your vents. The air is clean but if you look deeper it is not. Baby might need something cleaner and this machine does it.