Faux Fur Coat Zara | Sweater The Girl That Loves | Jeans City of Others | Sneakers Nike | Socks Stance | Hand Warmers DIY | Wristlet Giorgio Armani Cosmetic Case | Necklace Zara | Sunglasses Oliver Peeples
I thought this outfit would be great for a casual Valentine’s Date. I love a good monochromatic look. When I got this light pink faux fur coat I knew it would be perfect to pair with a mono grey look. I was gifted this grey sweatshirt by The Girl That Loves. I love the asymmetrical zipper detail on the right side. I’ve been wanting a sweatshirt like this for a while so when I saw it at The Girl That Loves office I just had to have it.  
I decided to pair the sportiness of the sweatshirt and sneakers with this pale pink faux fur coat from Zara. Aldo to add a bit more femininity I added a statement necklace. With this sportier look I didn’t want to grab a big bag so I went for this Giorgio Armani cosmetic bag wristlet. It’s perfect for just my phone, ID, cash and some lipgloss. And with the built in mirror its perfect for an on the go woman. Where would you wear this look?

*All these Jeans come in a grey wash
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Yesterday I had the chance to be a hair model at the DevaCurl Salon in Downtown Culver City. First let’s say I was super apprehensive because I hardly let anyone do my hair AND they were doing color. I’m terrified of damaging my already overly dry hair, but I went anyway.
All the models were assigned a chair to sit in. I began to calm my nerves as the stylists started to come out. My stylist was Melissa aka Mel, I felt a little bad for her having to battle with my fro. Let’s just say Loretta and I were like the kid who was picked last for sports. Any who, we started off with a consultation and I told her a bit about my journey, how I wear my hair and what products I normally use. First we started with the cut. I love the DevaCut method, it’s the main reason why I decided to submit to be a hair model. I’ve had a DevaCut before and it was over $100 so the chance to get one for free I was all about it. Next step, highlights. I was so worried but I found a picture online of a color I was comfortable with, Mel agreed and we were all set. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the picture of me while the color was processing. After that was all complete it was time for wash and style. I haven’t had someone else wash my hair since 2011 so I was in heaven. After I was styled it was time to sit under the dryer to set it in, not my favorite part because again I’m always afraid of damaging my hair. As I sat blind without glasses and was waiting for the final reveal, I could see the silhouette of my curls and I was on the verge of tears. When I finally put my glasses on I loved it, Guys I haven’t had curl definition like this pretty much my entire journey. I’m still ecstatic about how my hair turned out and the amazing afternoon I spent with Mel.
All in all I had a great time at the DevaCurl salon as a hair model. Free haircut, highlights, lunch and a goodie bag. Who wouldn’t want to go back? Thank you Mel for defining my curls and giving me a great DevaCurl experience.
How do you guys like the results?
Products Used
  • Cleanse – DevaCurl No Poo
  • Hydrate – DevaCurl Heaven in Hair DevaCurl One Condition
  • Style – DevaCurl Heaven in HairDevaCurl MirrorCurlsDevaCurl B’Leave-In

For more information abou the DevaCurl Salon, products, DevaCut and other hair services go to To find a DevaCurl Salon or Stylist near you click here.



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