Certain Steps One Must Take to Avoid Razor Burn

Shaving can get messy when you shave your face or bikini area. You got to be like a snake that knows when to strike. You need to be prepared, equipped with the best shaving gel, prepped, and focused on getting it done fast. You got to shave every week and sometimes every day if job demands it. Because of, you got to do it quick and stop getting those razor burns. I know it seems like you can’t overcome this razor burn dilemma. But, you must overcome it and find a method to make the shaving process quick and easy. I have learned a few thing over the years. Things that helped me reach quickness at faster time periods. Make my face look smooth and remove all hairs on my face. Start with using good shaving gel before you shave. If you want to know more, view the my thoughts below.

Always Use Sharp and Comfortable Razor

Sharp razors save a lot of time and headache for each shave. You don’t want to be using that dull razor. Peels blood left and right. Apply the sharpest blade on your face to make experience soft and quick. The experience will only be soft on new razors. Never on the old and dull razors. Razors need to be replaced every 2 times of use. Buy sharp razors in bulk and make sure they are comfortable. Comfort is not mandatory. But, it is better to have a blade that does not cause your skin to act up and makes you feel like your not really doing anything. One clean and precise strike that gets it done without you on the inside or outside. Realistically, that how you go about starting your shave. Don’t forget to wear some form of shaving cream or shaving gel before starting.

Shaving in the bikini area must request the best shaving cream for bikini area with a sharp razor. Shaving your groins is not like shaving your face. You need gel that is extra lubricant and has a tone of liquid relaxation qualities. Groin areas are more sensitive then face areas. You can not get a nice shave without having shaving gel designed for groin. A little soft razor can make you scream for days. Patience is something you need also. The groin requires more patience then face and I suggest you shave on the weekends when you have nothing business related you need to do. Do not do this on week day. You won’t have the time to do it. You got more important things to do like relax and take care of things.

Prep Shaving Area With Cold Water

Prep your shaving area with layer of cold water. I know you want to get the shaving done fast. But, your hair does not care about what you want. It cares about what it wants. It wants a nice cold wash before shave to release its hair locks and remove from skin faster. Add in the water to please your hair follicles and cut more hair with each shave. You won’t have to go over the same spot too many times. Smoothen out the hairs on your skin by adding some cold water to skin area.

Use Shaving Gel for Your Skin Type

Shaving gel should be based on skin type. You can’t get a shave with any shaving gel. If you wanted to turn that shaving gel in two times better performance, buy a shaving gel that matches your skin. The same applies to the best shaving creams for bikini area that you can find. We all have different skin types. It’s not based on race. It is based on what skin we were born with. Your parents should be able to tell you what skin type you want to have. Use that as a base for getting shaving gel that will make your skin beyond comparative. Make skin extra smooth and feel really nice on the blade. If you have tried shaving creams and none have worked, you should try shaving creams that fit your skin exactly.