Deciding between tobacco e-juice vs. flavor e-liquids can be very difficult for a novice. E-liquid flavors range from sweet and sugary to tobacco and cigar flavor. Flavors such us regular tobacco and methanol are intended to simulate cigarettes. Coffee, coconut, strawberry and vanilla are some of the popular flavors.

There are numerous flavor varieties in the market and enjoyment of an e-liquid lies in the ability to find a nicotine level that satisfies you as well as the flavor you enjoy most. Best flavors are easily found if you purchase from only the best vendors.

The flavoring of an e-juice can be done to suit various tastes and moods. We have unlimited flavor combinations and different nicotine levels that suit any taste and mood that vapers enjoy. The strength of nicotine varies from brand to another which depends on the smoker. E-liquids have varying levels of nicotine. Each level has been designed to suit different tastes as well as needs of vapers.

This implies that you will always get something that meets your desires. Most users prefer vaping nicotine free e-liquids just to satisfy their smoking desires. A good percentage of them simply want to accomplish their needs.

You can start with amounts such as 20mgs to determine whether they can satisfy your craving or not before you increase the amount later on. Although there are no standard levels when it comes to vaping, different companies have their levels.

When buying an e-liquid from a new store, it can be wise to consider more than one flavor. Once you find out the flavors that suit you, you can then narrow down that liquid that will leave you completely satisfied.

Top tobacco e-liquid and flavor e-liquid brands

Apollo E-liquids

Apollo is among the most popular manufacturer of e-liquids. Products from this company contain vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol. The USA based company does not include water and alcohol in its products. Some of the best flavors from Apollo include banana cream, Pina Colada and others.
Smokers Angel Halo E-liquids

Smokers Angel Halo E-liquids are among the highly ranked options you will find on the market. The throat hit, flavor and ease of use makes products from this manufacturer worth consideration.
Vapouriz E-liquids

Vapouriz E-liquids are among the newest brands on the market. The e-liquids boast of high quality ingredients as well as tasty flavors. The wide range of products offers you with the opportunity to choose an e-liquid that will leave you satisfied.

V2 Cigs

V2 is yet another manufacturer that rarely disappoint. This review gives a positive rating to V2 Cigs and ranks them as one of the top 5 e-cig companies in the US. The company has a wide range of products that you choose from. The child proof bottles have simple to use droppers, giving you more reasons to consider them.

In conclusion, choosing between tobacco e-liquids and flavor e-liquids is not something you should rush into especially if you are a beginner. You need to take into account nicotine levels and brands among others. To be on a safe side, you should buy products from leading companies such as V2 Cigs, Vapouriz E-liquids, and Smokers Angel Halo E-liquids among others.

Tobacco E-Juice vs. Flavored E-Juice

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